General provisions and pre-contractual information

These terms of sale have been established between the The A Design di Antonio Nannotti Nannini VAT No (PIVA) 06962710486, with its registered office and headquarters in Firenze, via De Sanctis n°6 a (from now on called “The A Design”) and the person (from now on called “client”) who purchases through the website “www.theadesign.it”.

The general terms of sale can be subject to changes, at any time, in order to allow The A Design to offer new products, or to respect and comply with new legislative or regulatory provisions.

These provisions regulating all the purchases made through www.theadesign.it, according to the provisions of the Consumer Code, of Legislative Decree No 206/2005, modified by the Legislative Decree No 21/2014 and No 70/2003 concerning the e-commerce.

The client, before making his buyout proposal, has to see the product, its description and these terms of sale through  www.theadesign.it.

In this way, the client shall be informed about:

  • Product’s characteristics
  • Warnings and user instructions
  • Identity of The A Design
  • Price of product (including taxes)
  • Delivery charges and any additional costs
  • Payment terms
  • Delivery deadline
  • Terms of sale
  • Terms and procedures to withdraw
  • Legal guarantee – Warranty (Article 9)
  • Jurisdiction and applicable law


Object of the contract

With these general terms of sale, The A Design sells and the client buys, remotely, the products that are shown and offered on the website www.theadesign.it.

The client, through its online order, sends to The A Design a proposal to purchase using the procedure in the site: the sales contract will end when The A Design will send to the client an e-mail including the acceptance of the purchase offer.

The client undertakes to see, before forwarding the purchase order, these general terms of sales, and the pre-contractual information, and he accepts them by checking the box.

In the confirmation e-mail of the order, the client will also receive a link to download, print and file a copy of these general terms of sales.


Conclusion and effectiveness of the contract

According to the article No 1, the sales contract ends at the time of sending, by The A Design to the customer, of acceptance email, that includes: customer’s data, the order number, the quantity of product purchased, the price of the same (including VAT and legal taxes), the delivery charges, the delivery address and the link to print and store the copy of these terms of sales.

Every right by the client concerning damages or compensation are excluded, as well as any responsability of The A Design, for direct and/or indirect damage to the Customer and/or third parties resulting from the rejection, even partial, of the order by the The A Design.


Prices, availability and delivery of products

All product prices are expressed in Euros and including VAT and taxes applicable by law – are excluded any customs duties-, but are not included the shipping costs which are quantified separately on the site.

The customer is informed about shipping costs of product before forwarding of the purchase order.

After receiving the order, The A Design will communicate to the customer the possible unavailability of certain products; it could happen because there are a lots of users using the site at the same time, and so the product may not be available before the order confirmation.

The A Design is committed to delivering the purchased product to the address specified by customer on the Italian territory within 30 days from reception by the client of the The A Design acceptance e-mail, except for any delay due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances , for which The A Design cannot be considered responsible.

With regard to the products to be delivered outside of the Italian territory, there’s no way to establish the exact delivery times,  because the shipment is brought to the attention of customs screens that vary from country to country: this wil be the subject of the Article 7 of the present sales conditions.



Any possible claims by the customer will be directed to The A Design at the following addresses: by post to The A Design di Antonio Nannotti Nannini via F. De Sanctis 6, 50136 Firenze; sending an e-mail at info@theadesign.it or at info@pec.theadesign.it.


Payment terms

The A Design accepts payment by Paypal; the customer is invited to read the conditions of use of this payment method, using the appropriate link on www.theadesign.it

The charge of the order will be made when the client will receive from the The A Design an e-mail of acceptance of the offer.


Delivery methods

The product, purchased on-line by Italians customers and shipped to Italians regions, will be delivered at the latest within 30 days from the reception, by the customer, of the confirmation and acceptance e-mail of the order, except any delay due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, for which The A Design cannot be considered responsible.

For products shipped abroad it is not possible to quantify the delivery time, being subjected to the same customs screens that differ from country to country.

Delivery will be by courier services to the address specified by the customer on the order.

On customer request – to be made at the time of purchase – The A Design proposal will issue an invoice for each order processed, including the information provided by the client during the purchase process: The A Design has no responsibility for any errors in the communication of billing data submitted by the client.

At the time of delivery, the customer has to check that the product packaging is not damaged or altered; otherwise, the Customer is invited to notify immediately the courier and The A Design in writing to the addresses included in the Article 4.



If the products must be sent abroad, the client might be subject to pay duties and import taxes, payable once the package reaches the destination. Any additional cost of customs clearance will be charged to the customer. The customer will also be the only one person responsible, civil and criminal, of the products purchased and imported, and will be its exclusive obligation to verify the compliance of the product with the legislation of the country where he intends to import it and that before carrying out the proposed purchase.

The A Design declines any responsibility in this regard from now.

By buying through the site www.theadesign.it, the buyer is considered as an importer, so he has to respect the law of the country in which the goods have been shipped.


Right of withdrawal

The client can have withdraw from a purchase without penalty and without duty to state reasons, at the latest within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product.

The client can exercise the right of withdrawal by informing The A Design di Antonio Nannotti Nannini its express will (by registered letter with advice of delivery or by pec); the client must use the following form for withdrawal:

“Hereby I/we notify the withdrawal from my/our contract of sale of the following goods/services ordered/received on, order n ° …….,

Name of consumer(s)

Address of consumer(s)

Signature of consumer(s)


After the notice of intention to conclude the contract, the client will have to return the intact and functional product to The A Design di Antonio Nannotti Nannini, securely packaged and with shipping charges against him. The product will have to be returned to The A Design within 14 days from the day when the client has notified its own intention to terminate the contract.

The product must be sent to The A Design di Antonio Nannotti Nannini, via F. De Sanctis 6 – 50136 Firenze.

The product must be returned undamaged, in the original packaging, complete in all its parts; as provided by art. 56, paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree 206/2005, modify by Legislative Decree 21/2014, The A Design reserves the right to verify the compliance of these considerations, providing for the refund of the product subject to withdrawal only after receipt of the product itself.

Therefore, The A Design refund the payment of the product subject to withdrawal of – excluding delivery charges -, within 14 days from receipt of the communication containing the exercise of the withdrawal. The refund will be made using the same method of payment used by the customer at the order.


Legal Guarantee of Conformity – Warranty

If the client receives a defective product and/or affected by a defects of chip (DNA60 by Evolv LLC), he is entitled to the repair and/or replace the product for free; this guarantee is valid for 90 days (ninety) since the delivery of the product and provided that the defect is immediately denounced by the client at the latest within 14 days after the discovery. The LCD it’s not cover by warranty.

We guaranteed our wood and for all others components made by us (510 connector, + & – buttons, Battery tube and chip’s wiring), for 2 years.

The complaint will be sent to The A Design by registered letter with advice of delivery, or by pec, using the contacts mentioned in article 17

The guarantee does not cover defects due to negligence, bumps, use or improper handling, electrical accidents, installation and/or use not in conformity with instructions for use. Furthermore, products modified or repaired by the customer or by any other person unauthorised by The A Design are excluded from guarantee.

Shipping costs for return the product for Warranty repair are not included. The customer may to pay the shipping costs only from his country to our country. Return shipping from customer’s Country are included.


Access to the website and trademarks

The client can have free access to the website www.theadesign.it but he can’t use the website and its contents inappropriately; it’s especially prohibited any commercial use of audio and video files of the website, as well as images and/or logos contained in the website: The A Design is the only owner of such elements, protected by intellectual property law.

The trademarks and markings of The A Design di Antonio Nannotti Nannini belong solely to the company, that can be only used  in relation to the products sold by The A Design; the customer doesn’t create confusion among others customers or denigrate or discredit The A Design and its products.

It’s strictly prohibited to put false and/or immaginary informations during the registration process required to start the procedure for the execution of this contract and the subsequent communications; personal data and e-mail indicated must belong to the customer only. It’s expressly forbidden to make multiple registrations of the same person. We reserve any legal action in case of violation or abuse.



The A Design declines every responsibility for disruptions caused by force majeure, or for disruptions attributable to the courier, which is responsible for the delivery to the customer from the moment of taking charge of the product.

The A Design also declines any responsibility for damages incurred by the customer and/or third parties, as a result of an improper use and misuse of the product.



The customer knows that the website www.theadesign.it uses the technology of so-called cookies, which are some programs that record the unique information related to navigation of the client (pages you have visited, consultations history etc …): this allows The A Design to improve its offer to the customer in a consistent manner.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These General Terms of Sale are governed and shall be interpreted in accordance with Italian law; please note that for the resolution of conflicts/disputes/interpretations relating to the purchase of products made through the website www.theadesign.it the territorial jurisdiction belongs to the courts of the place of residence of the client, if located in the Italian territory, or alternatively the parties declare and accept as of now to indicate the court of Firenze as the competent body to the resolution.

The customer can also groped the court settlement of arisen problems using civil and commercial mediation mechanism referred to in Legislative Decree 28/10, or using, if possible, the institution of assisted negotiation.


Alteration of general terms of sale

The A Design can modify the website, the sales policies and these General Terms of Sale at any time, to allow you to implement the offer of products or services or to ensure compliance with the new laws.



Only the clients over 18 years old can buy through the website www.theadesign.it.


Our contacts

The A Design di Antonio Nannotti Nannini

Registered office & Operational headquarters: via F. De Sanctis 6 50136 Firenze

VAT No (PIVA): 06962710486

Telephone: +393292210975

e-mail: info@theadesign.it

pec: info@pec.theadesign.it